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Newborn Experience

Studio & Session Flow

Newborn sessions are led by your baby. The studio will be warm, lights will be dim and soft music will be playing – all to encourage your little one to relax, nod off and remain comfortable throughout the session. Depending on your distance from the studio, we’ll either plan to have you feed baby immediately before leaving home or upon arrival. A private, comfortable space is available for mom to nurse at the studio. We’ll begin the session when baby has a full belly and a clean diaper.


The session will move at the pace that your newborn allows. It’s important that baby remains calm and relaxed throughout, so my movements will be slow and gentle. Each baby has had a unique birth experience, which is why their cues are my primary guidance. If baby demonstrates any discomfort with positioning, we adjust and move on to something that ensures their comfort. Throughout the session, I also give baby time to relax into a deeper sleep. Because baby is leading the session, the duration can vary considerably. I would anticipate an average of 3 hours. Above all else, I want you to know that safety is my top priority for your little one.  




Consultation & Styling

Pre-session consultations are conducted through emailed questionnaires, over a video call, or in-person for pre-bookings. Based on the consultation, the photoshoot will be fully planned and styled before you even arrive for your newborn portrait session. Your session will have its own color palette and artistic design to ensure your portraits can be displayed individually or as a perfectly coordinated gallery. (For this reason, it’s important to notify me of any special requests during the pre-session consultation.)

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An Invitation to Relax

In addition to ensuring your little one’s comfort, my studio is also designed to allow parents a chance to relax. The studio includes large couches for stretching out, refreshments and wifi. While a new baby is one of life’s most incredible gifts, it may be the most demanding season of your life as a parent. I invite you to take this time to allow yourself to relax your mind and body, while I capture beautiful portraits of your newborn.

Health Precautions

Due to COVID-19, RSV, and the seasonal flu, I am taking extra precautions to ensure safety. The studio is located in my home and is a dedicated space that is sanitized before and after each session. Because newborn photography does require handling of baby, hand-washing and multiple applications of hand sanitizer are a part of my workflow throughout the session. Finally, I do ask you to limit attendance to the newborn/s and a maximum of two adults during the session. If we are also doing sibling photos, we ask that siblings only attend that portion of the session.

Masks are optional in my studio. If you'd like me to wear a mask when working with your newborn, I will respect your request. 

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Book Today!

I recommend reserving your newborn session during your second trimester.

Once your little one arrives, you will select your session date. By pre-booking your session,

you'll receive priority booking for a date when your little one is between 5-21 days old. 

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